Recipes for Losing Weight

There are a few recipes I have that I use all the time.  They help me keep on track with my food choices, and this in turn helps me lose weight.  Which is important if you are trying to lose weight when you are my age.  You can read all about the why I use these recipes HERE.

Before we get to the recipe, I would just like to stress that I grind my own coffee beans.  To those that do not do this, you may think it doesn’t matter.  It does.  While any coffee would work for this, your results may vary depending on the coffee you use.  Try and buy a stronger more flavorful coffee for this.

Bullet Proof Coffee

Bullet Proof Coffee

This recipe is pretty easy as long as you have a way to whip up the froth once the ingredients are combined.  

I currently use a standard cup of coffee, black.  I add to this 1 TBS coconut oil, 1 TBS unsalted butter, and 1 truvia (sugar substitute packet).  I then froth it up so it appears like the image to the left, and enjoy.

Spinach Quiche

Another easy recipe.  Just take all the ingredients, and throw it into a large bowl.  Mix VERY well, then pour into a round baking dish.  Bake on 375 for 45 minutes.

Ingredients: 10 oz package frozen spinach, 4 eggs, half cup of Half and Half, 16 ounces of your favorite shredded cheese, 1 package of soup mix (I like onion).

spinach quiche

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