Fit at Fifty – How I am getting in shape @49!


Unless you ask an old Italian grandmother, when you look at me you do NOT think healthy.  I have been above average weight for quite a while.  I believe is was since I had my second boy.  That would be for oh, about 18 years now.  

I look back over my pictures on FB and I see older pictures of me when I was thin.  I also see older pictures of me when I wasn’t so thin.  I don’t know when or why it happened, but somewhere along the line, I got lazy.  It was probably close to the time when my wife really learned to cook, and I started working in Information Technology.  Desk jobs usually do it.  

I have recently decided NO MORE.  I need to stop being lazy.  I need to be more active.  I need to MOVE.  So here is the short story of how I started on my journey.  This journey is far from complete.  I have definite goals I would eventually like to accomplish.  I have to stop making excuses!

This is a picture of me about 3 years ago, when we bought our house.  Look at that GUT!  319 pounds of HUGE, DISGUSTING, LAZY!  Buying a house was the hardest thing we have ever done together as a family.  Not because we couldn’t finally afford it…  But because of all the LONG months waiting, and all the paperwork, and all the waiting…  Did I mention the waiting?

Well, buying this house would also give me a wake-up call.  It would show me how slow, and out of shape I had become.  It didn’t come right away, but it did eventually dawn on me.


Buying a house, and maintaining a house is no small task.  Previously we had rented, and everything the landlord did now had to be done.  The problem was…  No landlord.  Who was going to mow the grass?  Who was going to fix the toilet?  Who was going to shovel the snow?  These were all things that I had really not considered.  If you want to save money, these things take time and energy.  Since I was working two jobs, time was something I was short of.  I was also short of energy, but this was more about me being out of shape.  Yep…  Owning a house was not easy.  I am still lazy and tired from time to time.  But just because I am tired does not mean the chores don’t need doing. 

Wake Up Call

It was about six months ago that I went to the doctor.  I had insurance now, so there was no reason not to go.  My left knee had been bothering me for awhile now, and I even started to limp.  I decided to see a doctor as I was fast approaching fifty.  I had not really been to a doctor in my life.  Well, the doctor gave me some shocking news.  I was a FAT ASS!  He didn’t quite put it in those terms.  He said something about my blood pressure being too high, and I possibly had sleep apnea.  Both of these could be caused by being overweight.  

He suggested the Keto diet, and gave me a link to look into it.  I went home and started researching that day.  The next day I started.  I had a follow up with the doctor in 3 months.  But I would get side-tracked along the way.

So I changed my diet.  I started having bullet-proof coffee in the morning along with 4 pieces of bacon.  I had a spinach quiche for lunch.  For dinner I had whatever we had, minus the carbs.  For the next few weeks this was my life.  It brought me down to about 290 or so.  I weighed myself every day.  Sometimes I was 292 or so, and sometimes I was 189.5 or so.  It fluctuated.  This was step one of my getting closer to fifty fitness plan.  At the time, I didn’t know it was step one.  I just felt a little better about myself as I was able to lose the weight.  

Well, the losses did not keep occurring.  I kept on around the 290 mark.  I wasn’t able to get lower, and stay there.  I wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong, but at least I had lost about 19 pounds.  


My wife got appendicitis and was in the hospital for one LONG day, and one night.  I only mention this because a week later I also left work early as my stomach was bothering me.  I didn’t really think too much about it.  I went home to sleep it off.  About an hour into my nap my wife called.  She was worried that it also was appendicitis, and I should go get myself checked out.  

I went to the hospital, and lo-and-behold, it was appendicitis.  It was a long first day, and after ten hours of sitting in the hallway on a gurney they finally moved me to a room.  I was not to leave for the next 4 days.  It turns out I may be part alien, as my appendix was on the left side of my body, instead of the normal location.  I did not do well under anesthesia, and developed pneumonia.  

Recovering from this surgery was very difficult, and while in the hospital I developed night terrors.  It was probably caused by all the noises in the background, and the fact that the nurses came in and checked on my every hour.  I would start to doze off, then get a sudden jolt of terror, and bolt awake.  It would cause a great deal of pain, and would repeat itself the entire time I was there.

I mention this because the night terrors, and the operation and pain, and the terrible food caused me not to really eat anything aside from toast, and drink only water (in the form of ice chips).  This left me feeling so weak I had trouble pulling myself up to walk to the bathroom.  Which isn’t a really big issue, as I wasn’t eating, drinking, or sleeping.

It did cause me to leave the hospital four days later at about 170!  Want to lose pounds quick?  Get your appendix out.  The good news is after about 3 weeks, the sharp shooting pains stopped, and I could get back to normal.  By this time, I had put on weight, and was hovering around the 185 mark.

Universal Studios California

My son had leave (his is in the Navy) and he is based in Port Loma in California.  Luckily our surgery and recovery was behind us so we were able to fly out to California for ten days to visit our son.  

During our trip to Universal Studios, there was a ride that we wanted to go on.  I attempted to go, but when the shoulder harness would not click down on me I was forced to get off the ride.  It was quite an embarrassment being shamed.  It bothered me, so once vacation was over, I was going to step it up in the personal fitness category in my life.  Once we returned, I was going to join Planet Fitness.

My leg still bothered me quite a bit.  I noticed this on our daily trips to Disneyland, Universal, and Sea World.  Luckily back at the hotel we had a hot tub, and I was able to relax once the days excursion was completed.

Overall we had a great time, and I can’t wait to go back and actually get on the ride.  We shall see where this journey leads.  Check out the next step over at Fit at Fifty – Day One.

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