Kevin Melillo

Good day to you.  This page is a little bit about me, and why I host this site.

I am a husband, and father of two, the older who is in the Navy.  I am a parishioner, volunteer, and supporter for my Roman Catholic church.  I am an IT professional with over 30 years experience.  I am a fairly new home owner.  I am a casual PC gamer, with the occasional foray into consoles and hand-held.   I am a board gamer.  I am an role-playing gamer.   I have very little spare time, and in that spare time I enjoy pursuing any and all of the above.  

I am currently not in great shape.  At Five foot ten inches, I believe I am still a bit heavy at 285 pounds.  I have attempted to diet and exersize in the past, but have never really followed through.  This has recently changed.  I have changed my diet and exercise plans over the past month to try and be in better shape.

All of this should come through in my posts.  Please read my posts with the above in mind.  I may not always have the answers to your question…  but when you read my posts think to yourself, “What question is he answering?”